My Concert Buddy Arne asked me to bring an article about his artist friend Khaldoun, a metal sculptor from Homs in Syria. His request I will follow gladly with this post.

We all know the terrible pictures and reports about the Syrian Civil War from the actual daily news in press and television, so everyone can imagine the extremely hard circumstances for an artist to work in this country today.

With this blog I want to ask every reader about possibilities for art exhibitions, workshops or a studio in Homs (or outside this town) for Khaldouns work. If you have any precise suggestions or even know someone who maybe will have, please let me know in the comment field, Arne will forward your thoughts to the artist. Every good idea will be highly appreciated.

Khaldoun himself speaks about his art as follows:

At the moment it is still impossible to have a workshop need and make art like this in Syria these days. In addition this kind of art is not familiar or known to people here neither to buy. My goal is to continue working in
art and to experience more, to practice and get my ideas to life. But I had to stop working during war and have no workshop now.
And I feel that I’m like the fish in my work … I can’t become mechanic, I have to continue swimming.

Metal was the ideal material for me as an artist who found in metal a representation of the spirit of our age…
I really love using metal because of its ability to change from a heavy or useless trash to a piece of art.

I have chosen Fish as a main subject in my works, impartiality as a reference to its light and quick movement and brought that into a sculpture using the heavy metal! Fish is a single muscle which controlled by mind and lives in a free liquid substance, using all kinds of movements to run away from predators or searching for food, depending deeply on its elastic slick body. Human beings have been trying to develop a lot of methods through history to adapt those elastic slick abilities of fish in their attempt to survive the age of machines.

Metals and technology trying to imprint our life like machines. Because of that I made the body of a fish by metal and recycled materials and used bended wires to represent its movement. I also added the flat metal and some industrial pieces to give the movement a stop. I wanted to express a shot in a fraction of a second of the movement of a fish using the contradiction between the heavy metal and the light movement of the fish. My works were done using iron and very simple tools using electric welding through recycled waste metals. I am interested in recycling for its importance to save our environment and I believe that recycling will have a great part in art in the future.

Help me swim, Khaldoun


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