Apocalypse Now

Nominiert für den Liebster Award (4)


Alright, a new chain letter issue out of the WordPress universe. Elena Gabriela / gabitzbibi from the ‚Recycling The World‚-Blog gave me a nomination for the ‚Liebster Award‘, thanks a lot for this, she does her articles in Romanian and English language, my Romanian does not exist so you have to take your chances with me in my lousy English, here we go:

(01) When did you start writing blog/s?
Started this one in April 2014.

(02) How did you decide what to write about?
It’s only driven by my own obsessions.

(03) What’s your next blog gonna be about?
Simply nothing. This one is enough to keep it running, I guess.

(04) Do you write about everything or only what you like?
Mainly about what I like, and from time to time about – in my opinion important – themes like National Socialism in Munich.

(05) Name 3 other blogs you love.
Every Blog I’m following in the WordPress parallel universe ;-) Love ‚em all !!
Outside this: Eike Klien’s phantastic music blog ‚DasKlienicum‚. He is an awesome discoverer of mainly up-to-now unknown pearls from the wide field of Songwriters / Americana / Folk / Alternative Country / Independent / Experimental Music. And he is a fine character, by the way.
Third one: ‚Willard’s Wormholes‚, the blog from Captain Willard, a rich source of obscure / rare / classic / important stuff.

(06) Name another country that you vizited and want to come back to.
Lots of them: Scotland, England, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, the US, India, China…

(07) Name your favourite movie and the reason why you love it so much.
Apocalypse Now. Brilliant actors, brilliant quotes („I love the smell of napalm in the morning“, „Charlie don’t surf“), brilliant picture language, brilliant setting, brilliant story (backed by Joseph Conrad’s „Heart of Darkness“ and Michael Herr’s „Dispatches“).

(08) What is your most read post about?
It was the post about the Award for „Löwenfans gegen Rechts“ for their engagement against fascistic tendencies in football stadiums. That’s fine, in honour for the important work of this fan initiative.


(09) Where do you get your post ideas from?
Listening to records, visiting concerts and exhibitions, reading books, newspapers, magazines, other blogs, from time to time an invitation…

(10) Name a personality that you would like to be.
No idea. Had a lot of trouble with being me for a pretty long time… ;-)

(11) If you were filthy rich, would you still write in your blog and what about?
Sure, I would write, about exactly the same issues. As long as my favourite musicians, writers and artists didn’t became filthy rich (and fat and boring)… ;-)

I don’t want to nominate someone new in particular, some of the nominees from older Liebster Awards didn’t answer the former questions yet (but that’s fine, don’t worry), so everybody should feel free to answer Elena Gabrielas questions, if she/he likes…